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    Solved tap0 device always comes up with same MAC address

    Hello, Got the issue here, I have 2 VMs and I'm trying to connect them with TINC VPN. TINC uses if_dap driver and tap virtual interface. So far so good. However for some reason (may be because both systems are vmware cloned VMs) whenever I create a tap interface on any of the systems it's...
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    FreeBSD 12.2 and 13.0 ifconfig tap0 destroy hangup.

    Hi guys, I am using tinc 1.1pre for my vpn service and it happily work fine until I upgraded to 12.2 and 13.0 and I notice tinc service will hung up when I try to restart or stop the service. Upon checking I found out the tinc-down service which has ifconfig tap0 destroy was hung. I try to run...