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    RPI4 spigen - achieving higher throughput - mcp3912

    Hello, OS: FreeBSD:13.2-Release Driver: spigen-rpi4 The issue: With 5MHz SPI clock the communication RPI<->mcp3912 is established smooth. After increasing the speed to 10MHz, data is very random/incorrect. The SPI devices supports SPI clock to 20MHz. Verification scenario is very short...
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    Other (about technical) How to achieve IPSec throughput above 2 Gbit/s

    Hello forum, (1) As stated in the subject, how to achieve IPSec throughput above 2 Gbit/s? (2) Has anyone run IPSec and successfully hit IPSec throughput above 2 Gbit/s? (3) Which FreeBSD version would be recommended for this scenario? (4) What should be tune in /boot/loader.conf ? (Our...
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    USB Ethernet adapter (AX88179) Issue

    Hi, I am having problem with USB Ethernet adapter (AX88179) running FreeBSD 11.1, all the ethernet functions work, but it has much lower throughput compare the same PC running Debian 9. I tested it by running iperf3 between two PCs, the results show high Retr count. The AX88179 is listed under...
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    Solved FreeBSD 11.0 firewall network throughput on dell optiplex gx1

    Hello, From 2006 to now I've been running FreeBSD 6.1 on a Dell Optiplex GX1. It has a 500MHz CPU with 128MB of RAM and an Intel 82546 chipset dual port gigabit ethernet PCI card. It's been running great but I decided it's time to upgrade FreeBSD. I proceeded to install FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE...