thinkpad t400

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    Suspend/Resume on R400, display does not come back on

    Testing with 12.2-BETA1, acpiconf -s 3 does not come back with any video. I was not using X, it's just the regular, non-framebuffer console. Thinkpad R400. Any ideas on what I should try? Should I open a bug report?
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    Solved Thinkpad T400 webcam in 12.1

    Not sure if this one is supported or not. Sounds like one on the X200 is supposed to be: I have cuse4bsd loaded. Can't get webcamd to work. ugen3.2: <Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd. Integrated Camera> at usbus3, c fg=0 md=HOST spd=HIGH (480Mbps) pwr=ON...