1. Voltaire

    Solved SDDM ignores settings specified in sddm.conf

    I installed the theme 'Elarun' in the location /usr/local/share/sddm/themes I also created the /usr/local/etc/sddm.conf file. In this sddm.conf file I have the following text: [Theme] Current=Elarun It continues to use the default theme. Is /usr/local/etc/ the correct location for the SDDM...
  2. D

    Solved Can't install sddm themes

    Hi everybody, I have some difficulties to install global themes. Investigating, I've found out sddm theme installation was the cause. Performing sddmthemeinstaller -i exits with 255. As causing system-wide modification, I've guessed it could be a authorization trouble. Indeed, sudo...
  3. sidetone

    Sound events

    What would it take to have a drop-in replacement for audio/libcanberra and audio/libcanberra-gtk3 that works on top of oss or audio/sndio, and has no graphical components or graphical dependencies to play audio from audio/freedesktop-sound-theme on desktop programs? For reference: "PulseAudio...
  4. rigoletto@

    irssi: some help to format the interface.

    Hi! I just started using irc/irssi, and I am creating a theme using the default one as base, but also grabbing something here and there. As can be seen in the image, I manage to properly align the nicks but I am not being able to properly do the same with other messages like join/quit/etc and...
  5. R

    Consistent/common look (themes)

  6. Dr.Topaz

    Solved How to install source codes?

    So I moved from enlightenment to xfce a few days ago,and it seemed ok,but then I heard of a paper icon theme available for xfce.I thought it was good and tried to install it,but then it doesn't give packages for freebsd only the source ,so how can I install the source?