1. M

    NFSv3 Different client user mapping despite mount from identical devices

    Hello all, I have a set of diskless clients that I want to run off of TFTP + NFS / PXEBOOT To achieve this I have set up an install medium that boots the device , executes a script under systemd(linux) that mounts my FreeBSD 12.1 server and starts copying the files to their new roots. For...
  2. andrewm659

    PXE Boot server

    I am trying to setup a PXE boot server so that I network install FreeBSD and Linux (redhat & centOS). I am doing this on FreeBSD 12.1 I am have FreeBSD setup on a server with ZFS-on-root using tftp-hpa. My question is - Do I have to have a NFS mount for booting FreeBSD? Can I make it a...
  3. D

    Solved dnsmasq TFTP service not working any longer

    After upgrading from FreeBSD-11.2 to FreeBSD-11.3, access to the dnsmasq TFTP service does not seem to be working any longer. The problem seems to be related somehow to the kernel as shown below: 1. Install FreeBSD-11.2 2. Install, configure and enable dnsmasq TFTP service as follows: in...