1. T


    I am exploring text to speech and am looking at either espeak or festival. Espeak works out of the box, but it sounds terrible to me (very computer / robotic and the phonemes do not sound smoothly constructed, there is a little bit of static between them). I also looked at festival which does...
  2. Melissa

    Softsynths on FreeBSD?

    Hi all, So, I have FreeBSD up and running, on a box I intended to be used as soft synth... I used Amsynth before, anything like that on FreeBSD? Thanks Melissa Edit - or...better yet, any convenient way to search in the ports collection...it is...kinda extensive...
  3. Totaledcow

    Solved Espeak fails to link during make due to missing PortAudio, although audio/portaudio2 is installed an

    Any ideas on how I can get around this? It's a required dependency with the default configuration for accessibility/speech-dispatcher, which is used by www/chromium. https://gist.github.com/tduzan/2c9f88305e1133d4b03a The above link is a gist of my make output when attempting to build...
  4. wblock@

    Text to speech

    Is there a simple (small) text to speech program in ports? So far, I've seen audio/festival, which was unable to make a sound due to "no default voice". The man page is not helpful about that, and the web page is willing to to great depths to help create new voices, but neglects mentioning how...
  5. Grell

    gnome-speech fails to compile during perl upgrade

    Hey, during the process of upgrading Perl via the method in /usr/ports/UPDATING (portmaster -r perl), halfway through I get this error in the compilation of gnome-speech:... espeaksynthesisdriver.c: In function 'espeak_synthesis_driver_say': espeaksynthesisdriver.c:574: error: 't_utterance' has...
  6. J

    Voice Recognition and Text to Speech

    Hello, I'm wondering if there's a good solution for Voice Recognition (Speech to Text or Command) and Text to Speech under FreeBSD. I couldn't understand how audio/sphinx works. Most important one for me is voice recognition. It may be voice to run commands/programs or voice to text. I'm using...
  7. sossego

    Using Debian/kFreeBSD to help the visually impaired.

    For those of you who wish to make something positive from that project. Edit the apt-sources or add to the synaptic repositories the instructions from this page: http://debian-knoppix.alioth.debian.org/ The packages named adriane are for the visually impaired. Before someone makes a...
  8. P

    There shall be voice!

    Hey ho! I'd like to make my computer talk. I would basically use Mbrola/Festival (for output, not so difficult I guess) and Simon listens. It should be able to do basic tasks, nothing difficult. Basic would mean, respond to a couple of standard commands like "Email, list unread" or...
  9. sossego

    FreeBSD and the visually impaired.

    Does anyone have any information on this topic?