1. H

    Termcap database issues

    Hello. I'm running 13.1-RELEASE. Last night I was trying to enable colors for my Windows client (PuTTY) and when trying to run anything, I got the message about putty-256color not being a valid terminal. So I tried adding it to /etc/termcap and running cap_mkdb, and after that, my system is...
  2. NapoleonWils0n

    Solved st terminal convert terminfo to termcap

    I built the suckless st terminal from source, but the makefile use tic to add the st.info file to the terminfo.db which freebsd doesnt use Freebsd uses termcap.db which means the st terminal has odd behavior especially with ncurses apps like newsboat and ncmpc because the termcap.db doesnt...