1. IPR

    science/py-tensorflow build

    Hi all! For several days I have been trying to build science/py-tensorflow, but everything stops with various errors. If anyone can build this package with the CPUTYPE?=core2 option and put it in a public place I would be very grateful.
  2. First_Law_of_Unix

    Are there any AMD GPU ROCm support on FreeBSD?

    Hello, I am trying to do some machine vision computation acceleration done by AMD GPUs using OpenCL via ROCm since this is what many machine vision frameworks use for AMD GPUs. I spoke with the OpenCL group from their IRC channel on Freenode(Libera). They told me that I would need to install...
  3. J

    Tensorflow package/binary install

    Hello everyone, I needed to install Tensorflow 2.1 for a project. Tensorflow is not available in the packages and the port is a very old version of Tensorflow (1.4 if I remember well). So I tried to compile it from source. And, actually, it seems to be possible to compile Tensorflow for FreeBSD...