1. I

    Solved Why does ssh session in FreeBSD 14.0 generate enormous amount of packets?

    I have two FreeBSD boxes running 13.0 and 14.0 respectively, and I'm comparing the behavior of those boxes in similar scenarios. One scenario exhibit significant discrepancy, and I'd like to ask the community if anyone else has seen (or can reproduce) such discrepancy, and how can it be...
  2. I

    Why is tcpdump able to sniff packets on the wrong loopback interface?

    Supposing I have several loopback interfaces: lo0 and lo1. lo0 is configured implicitly by the system, configuration of lo1 follows: /etc/rc.conf cloned_interfaces="lo1:sticky" ifconfig_lo1="inet netmask" ifconfig_lo1_alias0="inet"...
  3. A

    ssh connection

    Hi, I have a FreeBSD 13.1 released installed on a machine and there is NO firewall service running on it, it has two interfaces one with public IP and the other with private IP. I can not ssh into the machine from a public IP apart from the public IP of the same network and I can ssh into the...

    No network connection between specific mail servers

    Hello! I have an issue wirth network conection to ovh mail servers from my side. I've changed ISP and the problem still exists. I don't have any issues with other services and mail servers as well. I've got one external interface with several IPs. I've got several VM on bhyve on this server. I...
  5. S

    TCP packets Drop !!

    Hi, We've encountered tons of packets being dropped using command netstat -s on FreeBSD-10.1. The one whose timeout value keeps on increasing is 'rexmit timeout' . Here is the list of timeout / dropped packets. The server is on 4x1Gbps LACP port . We've also tried...
  6. xoptov

    Solved ipfw0: That device doesn't support promiscuous mode

    Hello! I have very strange issue with ipfw0. My kernel has options IPFIREWALL and IPFIREWALL_VERBOSE but when I try listen ipfw0 interface see warning in my console: tcpdump: WARNING: ipfw0: That device doesn't support promiscuous mode (BIOCPROMISC: Invalid argument) What is I can fix for...