1. A

    ssh connection

    Hi, I have a FreeBSD 13.1 released installed on a machine and there is NO firewall service running on it, it has two interfaces one with public IP and the other with private IP. I can not ssh into the machine from a public IP apart from the public IP of the same network and I can ssh into the...

    No network connection between specific mail servers

    Hello! I have an issue wirth network conection to ovh mail servers from my side. I've changed ISP and the problem still exists. I don't have any issues with other services and mail servers as well. I've got one external interface with several IPs. I've got several VM on bhyve on this server. I...
  3. S

    TCP packets Drop !!

    Hi, We've encountered tons of packets being dropped using command netstat -s on FreeBSD-10.1. The one whose timeout value keeps on increasing is 'rexmit timeout' . Here is the list of timeout / dropped packets. The server is on 4x1Gbps LACP port . We've also tried...
  4. xoptov

    Solved ipfw0: That device doesn't support promiscuous mode

    Hello! I have very strange issue with ipfw0. My kernel has options IPFIREWALL and IPFIREWALL_VERBOSE but when I try listen ipfw0 interface see warning in my console: tcpdump: WARNING: ipfw0: That device doesn't support promiscuous mode (BIOCPROMISC: Invalid argument) What is I can fix for...