1. uratan

    Why tar can not handle files which filename is started with "._[A-Za-z]" ?

    With the operation example below, the file "._ccc" is not restored by tar. Is this a specification ? or a bug ? Is there any option to avoid this ? uratan@silver:~/w % mkdir ttt uratan@silver:~/w % touch ttt/aaa uratan@silver:~/w % touch ttt/.bbb uratan@silver:~/w % touch ttt/._ccc...
  2. E

    Solved tar archive creation sort order

    I have two identical directories, one mirroring the other through rsync -a. I'm trying to create a checksum of all of the files with tar. The file ordering varies between them and breaks this. bash# pwd; tar cf - . | tar tf - | head -n 5 /mnt/files/terancorp ./ ./backup/ ./code/ ./ebooks/...
  3. T

    tar copy files without metadata

    How can I copy files and directories without overwriting the existing metadata on the target? I have configuration files in a repository that configure the system. The source files are owned by a regular user, but the target has files owned by other users including root. tar cf - . | tar xf -...
  4. O

    Problem with tarballs created on 10.3

    Odd issue: I packed a large tarball containing a VM image on FreeBSD 10.3. I can unpack the tarball on other FreeBSD 10.3 systems and CentOS 6.8 systems, but not on FreeBSD 10.1 or OS X. FreeBSD login.peregrine bacon ~ 402: tar ztf Data/FreeBSD-Condor.tgz FreeBSD-Condor/...