system slow

  1. byrnejb

    pkg starves other processes

    This A.M. I discovered that our imap service was experiencing some sort of performance issue. When I looked into this I discovered this situation at about 08:31: # ps -auwx | grep pkg root 56759 0.0 0.0 11804 2856 - IJ 07:01 0:00.00 /bin/sh -...
  2. B

    Nvida Drivers Not Detected? I May Be Stuck In a Frame Buffer

    Now by now I have learned my lesson NEVER to buy a laptop with an Nvidia graphics but I am stuck with this for now. So I am running a Dell Precision 7510 with an Nvida Quadro M1000M. I am using the 535 driver. I installed it through pkg. I have some issues that I believe are mostly connected...
  3. O

    Squid very slow on FreeBSD 13.1, CPU 100%

    Hello, I have run Squid on FreeBSD since FreeBSD 10.x (not sure of the exact minor version) and everything was working perfectly well. During all this years, I have regularly updated Squid and FreeBSD. Currently I am using Squid 5.7 on FreeBSD 13.1-RELEASE-p5 but had the same problem with...
  4. zilion

    System very slow while compile

    I know that compiling a program requires a lot of machine, especially the processor. I've done a lot of adjustments in my system (tunning kernel, boot, and others..) and still remains very slow while compiling software. Is possible minimize this lag? My specs; i3 2600 / 4GB Ram / FreeBSD 10-3