system freeze

  1. Cath O'Deray

    NVIDIA legacy drivers 390.⋯ and 470.⋯ with kernel module nvidia-modeset

    What's a legacy driver? | NVIDIA nvidia-modeset is applicable with x11/nvidia-driver-390 and x11/nvidia-driver-470 (not with 304.⋯ or 340.⋯). FreeBSD Display Driver – x64 | 390.154 | FreeBSD x64 | NVIDIA FreeBSD Display Driver – x64 | 470.161.03 | FreeBSD x64 | NVIDIA
  2. F

    KVM Template & GrowFS

    Hi, guys! I've created an FreeBSD 13.0 64bits template with firstboot growfs inside. After successfully allocating blocks and starting getting updates, it shows above error in console and everything get frozen. Any idea?
  3. matt_k

    i915 driver causing freezes on FreeBSD 13.0

    Hello, Not sure where to start, so let's start from the beginning: Issues started after upgrading to FreeBSD 13.0 from 12.2-p6. I was prepared for intel i915 rigmarole, so it did not surprise me that much. But now it got to the point where I don't even what am I doing anymore, I am just trying...
  4. P

    System freeze on lid close only, FreeBSD-13

    I have a Thinpad T470s, upgraded from 12.2 to 13. When I close the lid, the system freezes solid, as in full lock up. Need to force restart with power button. In my sysctl.conf I have (worked in 12.2) # sleep hw.acpi.supported_sleep_state=S3 hw.acpi.lid_switch_state=S3 If I run acpiconf -s 3...
  5. dacrackerx64

    FreeBSD 13.0 freezes

    My laptop (Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen7) ran FreeBSD 12.2 without issues, but as soon as I upgraded to 13.0 started to get random freezes. The entire system becomes unresponsive, the fans run on max speed and the hardware becomes very hot. My issue is probably the same as mentioned here...
  6. pming

    Solved System seems to freeze when storage pool is accessed

    Hello everybody I am currently building my first physical FreeBSD box which should soon replace my Synology NAS. I have put together all the pieces and was able to install FreeBSD just fine, but I have had some issues ever since I created the main storage pool where all the files are supposed...