system administration

  1. I

    Alternatives to OPIE ?

    OPIE was a "built-in" one time password solution in FreeBSD. Manual page OPIE(4) notes: The latest FreeBSD handbook has removed "one time password" section. I understand OPIE been deprecated due to less strength of security for modern internet. But one time password as an idea is still a good...
  2. abdelilah

    Solved Filewatcherd fails to start (Bad file descriptor)

    Hello everyone, I installed filewatcherd in order to get file support like in incron, I coppied the default watchdog.sample but I get this error when I try to start the daemon : Oct 9 18:06:51 famp filewatcherd: Error while waiting for a kevent: Bad file descriptor Oct 9 18:14:49 famp root...
  3. Jared Manning

    I'm interested in studying operating systems

    Specifically UNIX-like administration and (eventually) low-level development. I'm currently studying for my CCNA Routing & Switching and the like to get me in the job market. There is no way I can currently consider taking out a college loan in the US, so I'm looking for books or online...