1. M

    Syslogd Cyrillic symbols issue

    Hello everybody. Got some issue with syslogd and messages which contain Cyrillic symbols. Syslog turns it in some unreadable garbage. There is a device that sends Cyrillic messages to syslog, it's realy hard to understand what does it mean. Have made some test writing the same message to...
  2. K

    Disable debug for ftpd under syslogd?

    In my /etc/syslog.d/ftp.conf file, I got a line like: ftp.debug /var/log/fdeb.log It works fine, however, syslogd still logs the debug of the ftpd in default "debug.log" file. My question is, how to prevent syslogd logging ftpd's debug, into its default debug.log file, but let ftp.debug to be...
  3. grahamperrin

    Solved /etc/rc: WARNING: $amd_enable is not set properly - see rc.conf(5).

    Partly because I use AMD hardware, it took me a few weeks to realise that $amd_enable is not related to AMD. Is the truncation below – in /var/log/messages – more likely to be a bug in the base system, the port, or both? % grep amd_enable /var/log/messages Nov 10 06:30:09...
  4. L

    syslogd hack field

    Hello everyone, here goes my first question! I have got many distributed pfSense devices through the internet. Those machines use syslogd to log events to a remote machine running rsyslog. My server can not manage to identify the source of the messages, at least not from its host field, as...