1. K

    Disable debug for ftpd under syslogd?

    In my /etc/syslog.d/ftp.conf file, I got a line like: ftp.debug /var/log/fdeb.log It works fine, however, syslogd still logs the debug of the ftpd in default "debug.log" file. My question is, how to prevent syslogd logging ftpd's debug, into its default debug.log file, but let ftp.debug to be...
  2. Cath O'Deray

    Solved /etc/rc: WARNING: $amd_enable is not set properly - see rc.conf(5).

    Partly because I use AMD hardware, it took me a few weeks to realise that $amd_enable is not related to AMD. Is the truncation below – in /var/log/messages – more likely to be a bug in the base system, the port, or both? % grep amd_enable /var/log/messages Nov 10 06:30:09...
  3. E

    when i restart syslog the syslog.conf return to default configuration

    Hi , I'm new to FreeBSD and I'm trying to make the server to send all the system logs to a remote server and I'm failing because every time I modify the /etc/syslog.conf file and once I restart syslog service /etc/rc.d/syslogd restart the /etc/syslog.conf file return to default configuration...
  4. Q

    syslog.conf selection by ident

    I have not found anywhere in the docs how to make selections from syslog by ident. I use chrooted Unbound and I've configured it to write its log to syslog. I've found in syslog.conf an example how to select records from syslog by program name: !unbound *.* /var/log/unbound.log !* But...