1. M

    Syslogd Cyrillic symbols issue

    Hello everybody. Got some issue with syslogd and messages which contain Cyrillic symbols. Syslog turns it in some unreadable garbage. There is a device that sends Cyrillic messages to syslog, it's realy hard to understand what does it mean. Have made some test writing the same message to...
  2. ilya-shmel

    Add usermod, passwd and pkg events to syslog(-ng)

    Hello! I work with FreeBSD 13.2-RELEASE amd64 and send logs to a log-collector server (Debian 10 Buster). There's syslog-ng that have the config. Here's some additional lines to send logs to the remote server: 161 #log { source(src); destination(loghost); }; 162 destination lc_net {...
  3. T

    Solved isc-dhcpd log to syslog

    I have been using isc-dhcpd for a while now; however, I am not seeing any logs written to /var/log/messages or /var/log/dhcpd.log. /usr/local/etc/dhcpd.conf log-facility local7; /etc/syslog.d/isc-dhcpd.conf !dhcpd *.* /var/log/dhcpd.log #local7.debug...
  4. E

    when i restart syslog the syslog.conf return to default configuration

    Hi , I'm new to FreeBSD and I'm trying to make the server to send all the system logs to a remote server and I'm failing because every time I modify the /etc/syslog.conf file and once I restart syslog service /etc/rc.d/syslogd restart the /etc/syslog.conf file return to default configuration...
  5. G

    FreeBSD printing logmsg in cycle

    my mistake probably overload system. I configured syslog client (maybe server too). After boot on console in cycle printing "logmsg: pri 2, flags 17, from Device". How I must solve this problem? Thank so much
  6. Q

    syslog.conf selection by ident

    I have not found anywhere in the docs how to make selections from syslog by ident. I use chrooted Unbound and I've configured it to write its log to syslog. I've found in syslog.conf an example how to select records from syslog by program name: !unbound *.* /var/log/unbound.log !* But...
  7. poorandunlucky

    Solved How to use syslog to log maintenance scripts' activity?

    Hey, would anyone be able to tell me how I could use syslog to log stuff I do in my management scripts? Like I'd like to start writing scripts to automate some of the system's maintenance, but one of the things that's stopping me, I think, is that I don't really have an easy way to log what's...
  8. andrian

    kernel: WARNING (zmc): ioctl sign-extension ioctl

    Hello people. I have the problem. I set up zoneminder and he very fine works. I use two usb web-camers over webcamd. My problem is that: after run zoneminder in the /var/log/messages writes intensely many strings. Aug 25 02:00:00 freebsd kernel: WARNING pid 52962 (zmc): ioctl sign-extension...
  9. S

    syslog config for sftp logging

    I'm on FreeBSD11. I changed syslog config file to log sftp actions in a file, but it doesn't work. /etc/ssh/sshd_config Subsystem sftp /usr/libexec/sftp-server -f LOCAL5 -l INFO /etc/syslog.conf /var/log/sftp/sftp.log Then I...
  10. M

    Solved ARP log to a separate file

    Hi, Is there any way to redirect all ARP log messages to a separate file? Those messages look like this: Apr 1 15:03:59 router kernel: arp: fa:4b:bc:12:7a:7d attempts to modify permanent entry for on vlan3 Right now I have them in /var/log/messages in pair with a lof of other...
  11. quamenzullo

    Solved Logging to different files with pf

    Hello everyone, I would like to order a little bit the informations logged by pf. So, I have tried two things: 1. I have added some "(to pflog<n>)" after "log" in the pf rules, like here: pass log (to pflog2) quick on $ext_if proto tcp from $ssh_authorized_ip to $ext_if port ssh Problem is...
  12. L

    syslogd hack field

    Hello everyone, here goes my first question! I have got many distributed pfSense devices through the internet. Those machines use syslogd to log events to a remote machine running rsyslog. My server can not manage to identify the source of the messages, at least not from its host field, as...