1. goshanecr

    How to change power consumption of AMD \ NVidia cards?

    Good day Friends! There is a often situation when PC which acts as server has a minimal video card (NVidia GT710, etc). And all what needs from VCard are - initial setup screens. But when server works that cards are hot, and also I see it stops working. So my question: Is it a way to down...
  2. decuser

    hdaa driver documentation

    I figured out how to get sound working on my MacPro5,1 (mid 2010). Here's that thread. Basically: sudo vi /etc/sysctl.conf dev.hdaa.0.gpio_config="0=set 1=set" hw.snd.default_unit=3 Part of this makes sense (which unit is the default), and part of it is magic(0=set 1=set). I gather this is...