1. N

    (solution) colemak layout not used in console after install of GhostBSD

    After installing GhostBSD, selected keyboard layout was used in X/xorg, but not in console. According to this vt is the current default console. Keyboard layout is in /usr/share/vt/keymap/colemak.acc.kbd Solution: edit /etc/defaults/rc.conf keymap="colemak.acc.kbd" and /etc/rc.conf...
  2. ziomario

    qemu Fatal server error: (EE) xf86OpenConsole: No console driver found. Supported drivers: pccons (with X support), syscons, pcvt. Check your kernel's cons

    Hello to everyone. I have installed freebsd for arm64 on my jetson nano,mainly because I want to install ferdi ( : All your messaging services in one place). A tool like Franz or rambox,so that in one only shot we can use a lot of social networks,in one only comfortable and...
  3. O

    disable console beep

    Hello, I am new to FreeBSD. One of the first annoying problems I have found is the "console beep". I have found online several ways to disable it, but they seem not to work for me: kbdcontrol -b off doesn't do anything, keybell="off" (inside rc.conf) doesn't do anything, sysctl...