1. tommiie

    Running a Subversion server

    Hey all, I want to get started with Subversion (perhaps I should go for Git as there is quite an abundance of documentation on that) and part of that is setting up my own svn server—as, as far as I'm aware, there is no github for Subversion. Now I'm trying to figure out how to start...
  2. S

    svn: E120106: ra_serf: The server sent a truncated HTTP response body

    Hello, I am a beginner. I installed FreeBSD-11.0-RELEASE-amd64 on VM. I installed kernel sources by: svnlite co /usr/src/ I get: svn: E120106: ra_serf: The server sent a truncated HTTP response body. And now: # ll /usr/src/ total 62 drwxr-xr-x 4...
  3. P

    Solved Where are the security patches stored ?

    I want to re-build my kernel for 10.1-p35 as the user land now is on -p40. Before I do so I would like to better understand some mechanics of FreeBSD: I am using freeBSD-update cron & install to keep my system up-to-date, and also portsnap fetch update to keep all installed ports updated. I...
  4. Hornpipe2

    Using the base Subversion server

    As of FreeBSD 10.0, a "light" version of Subversion has been integrated into the base system. It includes most of the svn tools, though the filenames have been changed (e.g. "svnlite" instead of "svn", "svnliteserve" instead of "svnserve" etc.) Most people probably would use this for the...
  5. J

    Intermittant SVN Issues...

    Hi All, Not sure if this is the right forum section, but: Intermittently I'm experiencing "HTTP Response Truncation" error messages when using svnlite checkout Experienced ~10 of these errors in the past 12 hours... I'm based in the UK, and