1. Hornpipe2

    UFS newfs -j: "Journal file fragmented"

    I have a 300gb external HDD that I am trying to partition entirely for FreeBSD, then format with UFS filesystem. I am using newfs -j option to enable Soft Updates + Journal, but getting the warning message "Journal file fragmented" after the format is complete. # gpart show /dev/da0 =>...
  2. A

    Solved gitignore ".sujournal" problem with full path pattern in the ~/.config/git/ignore

    gitignore works fine with filename-only pattern, i.e. it ignores .sujournal correctly. $HOME/.config/git/ignore .sujournal But when I set the full path, it doesn't ignore it, i.e. Git status complains: $HOME/.config/git/ignore /usr/src/.sujournal My Git setting (Normal User): $ git config...
  3. A

    Solved Git clone in not-empty UFS2 directory, containing .snap and .sujournal

    Background: On one of my PC, I keep /usr/src, /usr/ports and /usr/doc sources in separate freebsd-ufs partitions, on separate HDD/MBR. This way, I can upgrade to the next snapshot (using ISO) -- both stable and current, and keep my Git clone-ed sources (same for CVS) Problem: But Git needs...