1. ppbitb

    general/other Infrastructure design of Ruby on Rails application.

    Hey folks. I have a small hobby website which has been running for the past 15 years. It is a Ruby on Rails application. The architecture is nginx proxying to unicorn which wraps the ruby codebase. There are also a couple Resque processes (leveraging Redis) to handle async jobs which need...
  2. Dogers

    Solved Suggestions for a calendar software.

    Greetings to everyone. I was a long time user of google calendar. But I recently encountered some issue with. Indeed I lost all my data linked to my google calendar due to some bug in the app. Hopefully it was not a crucial lost, I mostly use calendar as a lifesaver in case I forgot an...
  3. Tu_Vieja

    Software recommendatios for a new(bie) system.

    Greetings, BSDers. In the verge of migrating to a FreeBSD desktop enviroment, I'm looking for some advice about what software is recommended that follow these principles: -"Do one thing and do it well." (The core in UNIX philosophy) -Have a BSD/MIT or any other permissive license. Even if I'm...