1. Z

    Create own proxy server on FreeBSD using Stunnel and 3proxy software with public key cryptography verification between the Stunnel server and Stunnel.

    This topic provides a solution on how to make own Proxy serwer, on a FreeBSD operating system, using Stunnel validated with public-key cryptography between Stunnel server and Stunnel client, for use by a web browser. The primary benefit is that, unlike other VPN, the client does not require...
  2. techie

    HOWTO: Setting up STUNNEL in FreeBSD

    Say, there is a newsserver which offers additional to port 119 a secure connection on port 563. You have an account with your username and password on that newsserver and you would like to use a newsreader which is unable to handle secure connections (e.g. Knode). For safety reasons stunnel...