1. D

    Solved Installing TDE - Ninja stuck running tests on tdepim

    I am installing the FreeBSD port of Trinity, but ninja is stuck on "[29/30] Running tests.." during the make process there. I ctrl + c'd and ran make install clean again, and this time its just "[0/1] Running tests..." so I opened htop, and it's running "ninja -C...
  2. J

    FreeBSD stuck requesting Login

    So I tried to install FreeBSD (furyBSD) on virtualbox till it stpped booting and requested a login idk what do do I tried root and no password
  3. CyberCr33p

    FreeBSD 11.2 system no responsive - all processes in D state

    I have an issue with 11.2-RELEASE-p3 which happened to 3 servers with similar hardware. These servers run without issues in the past. When the issue happens the server is pingable but can't SSH. Datacenter connect KVM but didn't show anything useful. The problem is that all processes that are...