1. S

    IPF Understanding statefull behaviour of ipfilter in combination with ipsec/strongswan

    Hello, i need some help understanging ipfilter and its statefull behaviour. I have created a ipsec tunnel with strongswan which is policy based. On the bsd router re1.7 it has the IP I wan't to reach the device that is connected to the bsd router. Wan is connected...
  2. alfa

    FreeBSD IPsec enc0 NAT not works this is the problem

    Hi, i have trouble with Ipsec & pf enc0 nat problem . I show you my problematic scenerio below any help would be appreciated at this point STRONGSWAN CONFIGURATION alfa7000 { fragmentation = yes unique = replace version = 1 aggressive = no proposals...
  3. CanvisMe

    Cannot connect to Internet as a vpn client

    Hello, I'm studying in a university and using FreeBSD as my daily computer operate system for months. However, I cannot connect to outside Internet via wired ethernet until now. There are two steps to set up a connection in my laboratory. First, provide the information of static ipv4 address...
  4. T

    Racoon VPN to Strongswan VPN

    Hello, I am currently using Racoon to setup VPN tunnels but after starting to use AWS I realized that they provide support for Strongswan. I want to transition into Strongswan from Racoon; is it possible to run both simultaneously in the transition? Or must I remove Racoon configurations and...
  5. B

    strongswan IPSec, bhyve nat-traffic

    Hi, I was able to set up an IPSec/strongswan VPN tunnel and it works great so far (Forum: 67850). Now, I'd like to forward traffic from my bhyve VM's through the tunnel but I am having problems with it. The picture looks like that: (all done on FreeBSD 11.2p4) (*) normal DSL Router with...
  6. M

    l2tpd troubleshooting on FreeBSD 11.1

    Hi, I am trying to setup IPSEC/L2TP VPN client on FreeBSD 11.1, I got security/strongswan working and I can see it establish the connection, now trying to setup net/l2tpd, Following is the configuration: /usr/local/etc/l2tp/l2tp.conf [global] access control = yes Port = 1701 [lac l2tp] lns =...
  7. Donald Baud

    IPsec IKEV2 setup works but where is the interface?

    I setup a simple IPsec IKEv2 vpn. it works fine but how do I get detail about the network information? - Where is the interface tun0 or gif0 or whatever is holding the VPN client's IPs - Where is the routing table stored?, I can't see anything different on netstat -rn - I still...