1. Sergei_Shablovsky

    Congestion control choose (BBR2, QUICK, RACK, CDG) for music streaming

    What congestion control (BBR2, QUICK, RACK, CDG ( better to using in music streaming where 95-97% of clients are app on a mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) ? And which tunables are suitable (see example): 86213/...
  2. aquatic

    Memory issues while listening to music on using Falkon and Firefox

    Summary When listening to music on in, the system allocates more and more memory. If I do not close and reopen the tab after some hours, the memory runs full and the system gets slow and the unresponsive (Before edit, I wrote "system crashed" which was imprecise). This happens in...
  3. iyoti

    ZFS Advice on configuring existing media server (ZFS)

    Hey all I've a media server with: 2 × 466GB NVMe drives for OS 12 × 5TB HDDs for storage 1 × 699GB SSD for "performance" (Crucial CT750MX300SSD1, which may be relevant for questions below) 32GB RAM 12-core CPU All are SATA drives. I have 2 zpools set up, the first in a mirror for OS which is...
  4. Nicola Mingotti

    Unwanted delay in webcam streaming

    Hi all, I am doing some experiments with webcam streaming in FreeBSD-11.1, I got it working but there is a little issue, there is always a delay when I view my stream, I don't find what is wrog in the configuration. These are my configurations and commmands; which I stole here and there from...
  5. trzczy

    Youtube streaming in Chromium

    I have no FreeBSD installed yet so I cannot find it out myself. Is it possible to watch youtube streaming in Chromium in FreeBSD? Please distinguish between streaming and typical video. I mean streaming. When I tested it lately on Windows XP in Chrome videos worked fine but streaming. There was...