strategy/war games

  1. sidetone

    War strategy and top down building games

    Share your screenshots of Real Time Strategy (RTS), war strategy or top down building games, or discuss these types of games. Emulated games and games that need an interpreter can be here too: games/0ad ports/warzone2100 games/openra - Command & Conquer (cnc), Red Alert (ra), Dune 2000...
  2. DavidMarec

    openMP support (Battle for wesnoth)

    As I said in a previous message, it sounds that the port games/wesnoth is broken if the openMP option is set ( which is the default), while running FreeBSD 11.2. [1/2] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/cmTC_b6544.dir/testCXXCompiler.cxx.o FAILED...
  3. B

    Which games could I play in this platform?

    Can somebody give me some names of games that runs well in this OS? Version: 11.1-RELEASE-p6. I think that it's the latest. Processor: I think i386. To the day of day, still I don't have very clear what my processor is. But somebody time ago give me a clue. The games could be from Linux...
  4. PacketMan

    Strategy (war) based games

    I hope this is not too off topic. I am interested in trying some strategy based games that are native to FreeBSD, meaning I don't need middle-ware layer to run them in. I am particular interested in non-shooting graphical war room type strategy games as well as some board games. I am also...
  5. A

    Running Civilization V under linuxulator

    Hello. As linux-base was bumped to CentOS 6.5 I thought if I can try to start something for gaming on my FreeBSD desktop. I'm not a big fan of games, but have something. I found that Civilization V has a Linux version, so I downloaded it. The beginning was sad. ./Civ5XP: /lib/