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  1. C

    ZFS ZFS and Hotswap Indicator LEDs?

    This may be a dumb question, but when a hotswap drive in a server fails under ZFS does the LED indicating a drive failure come on for that drive? Another question: can hotswap drives simply be replaced under ZFS to have it handle replicating the data, or are manual actions required within the...
  2. agilestorage

    Urgently looking for temporary senior kernel developer

    We have a problem regarding a missing kernel- / driver-module for switchtec PM8546 NVMe switch and NTP bridge. Is anyone here who has ability to help us finishing the already started development work for the above listed task? This could not be finished because a external development company...
  3. S

    UDMA_CRC_Error_Count !

    Hi, Hopes community doing great. We're experiencing disk errors "UDMA_CRC_Error_Count" via smartctl on all of our drives (12 x 3TB) from quite a time now and after trying everything mentioned in this post, we're still not able to diagnose it. Here is the log of smartctl ...
  4. M

    Adaptec 1045 Driver Installation Issues

    I have a Dell PowerEdge R200 running FreeNAS 9.10 with an Adaptec 1045. I have 4 1 TB SATA Drives on the Adaptec controller. The drives are recognized in the BIOS, but not by FreeNAS. On Adaptec's website there are drivers for Suse and Red Hat, But I can't install any RPM's on FreeNAS. There...