1. Hornpipe2

    Solved Make `service status` work for non-root

    I have a service running on my server (in this case, audio/icecast) via rc scripts. I want the non-root user to be able to see that Icecast is running. As root, if I type: service icecast status it gives me this response: icecast is running as pid 74983. As non-root, if I try the same...
  2. T

    Watch status of running dd disc clone

    Hello I have started a dd clone dd if=/dev/raid5/raidp1 of=/dev/ad8 And it keeps running for quite a while now. And I'd like to estimate if the process is still working and how long it might take to finish. Top suggests that all is still fine: PID USERNAME THR PRI NICE SIZE RES...
  3. Maelstorm

    Current FreeBSD support for Raspberry Pi

    What is the current support status for the Raspberry Pi 3?