1. I

    Why doesn't unbound rc.d script require syslogd?

    FreeBSD 14.0. Neither /usr/local/etc/rc.d/unbound, nor /etc/rc.d/local_unbound list syslogd among their requirements. So, if unbound service (either one) is started by setting respective X_enable="YES" in /etc/rc.conf, then it just so happens that unbound is started before syslogd. Which means...
  2. rwv37

    Any reasons anymore to NOT change the default root shell to one that's not built-in?

    I know that for a long time, the standard advice for the default root shell was "don't change it" (which I learned many years ago when I got myself into a mess after having changed it 😛). Is that still the case? I seem to remember that the issue was that if you changed it to, say...
  3. Spity

    Solved Help to run a simple script on startup

    How can run this script on startup? #!/bin/bash sudo kldload fuse sudo ntfs-3g /dev/ada2s1 /mnt/ -o -ro xdg-open /mnt/ &> /dev/null
  4. decuser

    Some questions about the boot messages

    1. Some messages are available after booting (using dmesg), but some are not. What's up with that? A lot of the time, the messages that I want to see aren't included in dmesg. 2. For messages that aren't available in dmesg, are they captured elsewhere? 3. The output during boot seems overly...
  5. Ishayahu

    Solved script started on loading but can't understand how

    Some times ago I wrote a script boroda.csh: #! /bin/csh /usr/local/bin/mpg123 -a /dev/dsp1.0 --loop -1 /usr/home/ishayahu/boroda/* & and somehow scheduled it to be run at startup. And I can't understand how I can't find it in cron, root@012-music:/home/ishayahu # crontab -l crontab: no crontab...
  6. O

    Running a Program Right After ROOT User Logged In

    Hi I was developing an application which needs to be run like a startup app , right when the root user logged in , the program will run (so no more access to the terminal and just using the application) . I have no other users and there's just root. how can I achieve this ? and something...
  7. F

    Solved Troubleshooting service startup

    Good afternoon all, I've installed Gitlab into a FreeBSD 10.2 Jail and got everything working nicely, except for the fact that when the Jail starts, Gitlab doesn't...All of the other related services start (redis, postgresql, and nginx). The rc script I'm using is from here and I've placed it...
  8. patpro

    PF How to handle PF rules for process launching after PF (openvpn for example)?

    Hello, On various servers, I'm facing problems with processes like security/openvpn or Jails and their interaction with pf. They require specific rules involving network interface or IP address that do not exists yet on the system when pf starts. Hence for security/openvpn I've got this at...