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    Local DHCP daemon fails to start properly during reboot with WiFi interface in hostap mode.

    Observable behaviour Client WiFi devices cannot obtain their IP addresses when connecting to a FreeBSD-13.0 server acting as an access point (hostap). Client devices run Win8.1 and various Androids, but the exact client software seems irrelevant to the problem. Suspected technical reason Local...
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    Solved Dovecot2-2.2.24 doesn't understand its configuration?

    Hi! I'm installing a new FreeBSD server. One of important servers is Dovecot and I build it via ports mail/dovecot2. Its current version is 2.2.24. The port installs /usr/local/etc/dovecot/example-config and I use those files as my new config base. The odd thing is that when I try to start...