1. FKEinternet

    Solved Sendmail process crash as soon as STARTTLS is received after FreeBSD upgrade

    I just upgraded my server from FreeBSD 10.3 to 11.1. It's now running Sendmail 8.15.2 and OpenSSL 1.0.2k-freebsd 26 Jan 2017. Since the upgrade, sending mail to my server is failing: Every time a remote MTA sends a STARTTLS command, the current sendmail instance crashes. I temporarily stopped...
  2. FKEinternet

    Solved Sendmail 8.15.2 - Map named "virtuser" not open

    I'm trying to get sendmail to receive email for any username at my domain. When mail is sent to the email address matching the owning username, e.g.,, the mail is delivered successfully. However, mail sent to any other address bounces, e.g...