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    Star Labs StarBook (AMD version) - kernel dump

    The machine paniced, and produced a kernel dump: root@kg-starone:~ # cat /var/crash/info.1 Dump header from device: /dev/nda0p2 Architecture: amd64 Architecture Version: 2 Dump Length: 2360213504 Blocksize: 512 Compression: none Dumptime: 2024-01-09 20:16:38 +0100 Hostname...
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    Star Labs StarBook (AMD version)

    I recently got myself a Star Labs StarBook. This is the AMD version. From dmesg VT(efifb): resolution 800x600 CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800U with Radeon Graphics (1896.50-MHz K8-class CPU) Origin="AuthenticAMD" Id=0xa50f00 Family=0x19 Model=0x50 Stepping=0...