1. A

    Auto-encrypting outgoing server monitoring emails

    Background: I set up a server with mail/ssmtp and sysutils/logwatch because I wanted to painlessly monitor system security. Logwatch sent me a nice email, pretty much out-of-the-box, but when I read it I realized that the information in the body is sensitive. So I asked myself: why not encrypt...
  2. marcus123

    Solved ssmtp alternative

    We have been using ssmtp on a web server for few years, we use it to send email only, we like it as it's easy to setup and support common security features. However, as ssmtp is unmaintained, we would like to find an alternative, we are interested in msmtp, is anyone using it? is it good?
  3. M

    clean reinstall of ssmtp port

    Yesterday I ran the following: cd /usr/ports/mail/ssmtp; make install replace clean After about a minute it looked like ssmtp was successfully installed. Since then I've been struggling to get ssmtp working, so would like to start again from scratch. I removed it with: cd /usr/ports/mail/ssmtp...
  4. Johnny2Bad

    php, apache, ssmtp not working

    Hello folks, I am trying desperately to get ssmtp to work but without much luck. I followed a number of tutorials on the net. But still ssmtp refuses to forward emails with the php mail function. It does however do the daily and weekly FreeBSD reports. Here's my system details.... uname -a...
  5. Zack

    Solved Some mail has no content

    I use mail/ssmtp with mail via cron to send the output of some scripts to my email. I use a google email to send them to my main email address. Sometimes the email body will say "This message has no content". Here's an example from cron of a script where the email says this. smartctl -a...
  6. M

    All users can email from my gmail account with ssmtp

    I've set up ssmtp with my gmail account (and disabled sendmail) following these and these instructions. I can now send mail using the following command: echo "Hello" | mail -s subject I have two specific questions now: Any user can now send mail with the above...