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    PF Setting up pf.conf for use with sshguard

    Hello, I'm new to FreeBSD and trying to set up some sort of blocking for brute-force ssh attempts. Looking around it seemed like sshguard was a good solution. I tried to follow along with sshguard-setup(7) for the pf backend: SSHGuard adds attackers to table <sshguard>. Create the...
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    sshguard - 2.4.2 - How to add new signature? - Postfix non SMTP command

    Hi. I've been seeing lately in the maillog various many scans targetting postfix/smtpd and I would like to add a new signature. Jun 21 12:00:56 acme postfix/submission/smtpd[20201]: warning: non-SMTP command from unknown[]: GET / HTTP/1.1 Jun 21 14:31:24 acme...