ssh certificates

  1. R

    Solved Yubikey setup SSH FIDO 2 on 2 VMs - Password is still prompted

    Hi all, This is my current setup, my host is a Windows machine where 2 VMs are installed. VM2 ( will have ssh installed with FIDO2 using a Yubikey. And the VM1 ( will need to connect to VM2 via SSH. Both VMs have a FreeBSD OS installed. Preparation of VM2: -...
  2. Sivan!

    jails CBSD unable to determine the first IP

    ( during reboot, boot messages show a "CBSD unable to determine the first IP address. Should this be the static private IP of my re0 interface? Thank you. ) I am having trouble dealing with a kwin crash, tried to update kde plasma, portmaster returned several errors, then updated by the pkg...
  3. R

    Using one user certificate and one server certificate for an entire LAN

    For purposes of this question, consider a LAN with 7 computers: 3 client machines, 3 server machines, 1 CA machine, and 3 users who might use any of the client machines to ssh to any of the server machines. (And, at least initially, I'm not concerned with ssh'ing in or out of the LAN to any...