1. epopen

    Just updated 13.1 to 13.2 via src and got buildworld failed about kbdcontrol

    Hi All As title, I switched source code to RELEASE-13.2 as follows and got buildworld failed about kbdcontrol, please refer build log git checkout releng/13.2 I tried to code search, google and relation result is follows for build control @ /etc/src.conf WITHOUT_LEGACY_CONSOLE=yes It added in...
  2. ldgc

    Share your make.conf and src.conf

    Hello :) It would be nice that experienced users shared their make.conf and src.conf to help new users like me :) I know that there are man pages and I read both of them, but real user's configurations are IMHO also helpful!
  3. HL1234

    Generell question about freebsd-update

    Sorry, if this is a tedious question but I can not find an answer. Assuming that I, or anyone, have upgrade FreeBSD with his own kernel settings (not GENERIC) by compiling it. Also, I or anyone, has been build the Userland with make buildworld with own settings in /etc/src.conf. After all is...
  4. HL1234

    src.conf seems not to bee working - where is my mistake?

    Hello, I have tested both methods to install a kernel again. I have copied my before created and saved 10.3 kernel to /boot/kernel, which was acutal a 11.0 kernel. Then, first, I do a freebsd-update in expectation to get a full standard kernel with debug symbols - because for 11.0 it is written...
  5. sidetone

    Solved jsoncpp base dependencies

    Hi, devel/jsoncpp is a dependency for some programs. It won't build on my system, and I suspect it requires a program that I left out on my FreeBSD 11.0 base installation. It gives error code 127 Does anyone know if it's any of these options from /etc/src.conf WITHOUT_BSDINSTALL=yes...