1. decuser

    SQL guis - 2024

    I'm having quite a slog trying to find working guis for sql development in FreeBSD. The best I've found are: 1. sqlitebrowser (for SQLite) 2. PhpMyAdmin (for MySQL) What I'd like to have is DBeaver or something similar that can handle multiple databases or MySQL Workbench, or... What other...
  2. BaronBS

    pkg autoremove gave me a sqlite error

    Here is the screenshot: Do you guys have any idea about whats is causing this behavior?
  3. K

    ZFS optimization for MariaDB/MySQL server?

    I'm planning to set my MariaDB SQL server with the following options on FreeBSD 13.1 + ZFS. I'm planning a modest, non-dangerous set of options: skip-innodb_doublewrite symbolic-links=0 max_allowed_packet=512M max_connections=250 innodb_io_capacity=15000 innodb_doublewrite = 0...