sound recording

  1. M

    C Recording from FreeBSD sound subsystem

    I am trying to implement a basic example to record a few seconds of audio in FreeBSD, which uses a modified OSS version. Following the sample files included in the FreeBSD source code and the OSS programming guide I have prepared the following sample program: #include <sys/soundcard.h> #include...
  2. F

    Setup laptop jack for speakers/microphone

    I have a laptop (Thinkpad L460) with a jack port that can take both input audio and output audio. TL.DR.: I'm trying to setup a jack port that can take headphones and/or microphone, so I can use an external analog Jack mic to record. The card is recognized as: pcm0: <Realtek ALC293 (Analog...
  3. myshkin

    How can I record audio?

    I have tried to record audio in many different ways. I have tried recording with obs-studio, simplescreenrecorder, and via ffmpeg. None of these methods work. Usually I tried to record from /dev/dsp3 but I also tried to record from /dev/dsp4 and all other outputs, but nothing works. Playing...
  4. antuan

    Solved How to record audio from computer

    I try desperately to record audio from my computer, but it seems impossible. here is output from mixer: Mixer vol is currently set to 50:50 Mixer pcm is currently set to 90:90 Mixer speaker is currently set to 50:50 Mixer line is currently set to 50:50 Mixer mic is currently set to...
  5. aragats

    Solved Microphone input monitor

    I'm trying to find a way to monitor microphone input to catch a particular "event". In other words, something principally similar to a motion detector - to execute a command upon an event. Currently I'm using a simple ffmpeg command to record the sound card input into a file: ffmpeg -f oss -i...