1. ReiJ

    Solved FFMPEG Says 'pocketsphinx > 5prealpha not supported'

    So I have been trying to install vlc, deadbeef, cmus, basically everything that depends on ffmpeg. I want to stay as strictly CLI as possible. Personally, what caused this issue was apparently a hardcoded line in the MAKEFILE for ffmpeg which is the name of the error message. What solved it for...
  2. Y

    ipfw kernel panic solution

    I don't know if it's Ryzen which is causing this and if it's the Ryzen-bug or if it is something else. Commands like this are causing kernel-panics: ipfw table test create type number algo number:array ipfw table test add 1001 ipfw table test add 1002 ipfw table test add 1003 ipfw table test...