1. lu9dce

    chrome sndio and oss 4Front

    Chrome sndio and oss-4 When I want to use another browser than firefox I do not have sound. I have Audigy sound cards compiled the kernel to support oss 4Front. The sound in the programs you use is perfect but when I try to use sndio or do some test it doesn't work. Any idea of how to use...
  2. Alain De Vos

    sndio instead of pulse-audio

    Is it possible to have a full desktop experience using sndio ? The number of ports with explicit flags is limited, audio/aqualung audio/libao audio/mpg123 audio/portaudio audio/sox devel/sdl12 devel/sdl20 multimedia/audacious-plugins multimedia/ffmpeg multimedia/mplayer multimedia/vlc...
  3. sidetone

    Sound events

    What would it take to have a drop-in replacement for audio/libcanberra and audio/libcanberra-gtk3 that works on top of oss or audio/sndio, and has no graphical components or graphical dependencies to play audio from audio/freedesktop-sound-theme on desktop programs? For reference: "PulseAudio...
  4. sidetone

    sndiod enable

    I have been wondering about using audio/sndio and sndiod on FreeBSD. So, I found /usr/local/etc/rc.d/sndiod. From here, it should be enabled with service sndiod onestart, and by entering sndiod_enable="YES" in /etc/rc.conf.local. When I didn't have a sound interface, the output from mixer would...
  5. N

    sndio vs oss support

    How come many applications already support sndio, yet I rarely see oss compile-time options?
  6. T

    Using sndio in place of pulseaudio

    Like me, you might be struggling a lot with sound, ever since pulseaudio came up. However, there actually is an alternative that sparked out of the OpenBSD community. It's a light weight and just works. Sadly it isn't what applications use per default, so one is currently forced to use ports...