1. M

    ZFS ZFS snapshots (parent/child relationship - dependencies)

    I am curious about what happens if a snapshot become corrupted for some reason or another (solar flare who knows!). Does that mean every following snapshot would be unusable? What is the parent/child relationship? What is the safeguards in place to help prevent this? If this is the case would...
  2. fr33bsd

    ZFS SLOG device with no performance effect?

    Greetings, I have a sort of backup server for snapshots. This server is only dedicated to receive snapshots. There is no NFS/FTP/.... . During a transfer of a snapshot using netcat I added a slog NVMe ssd to the backup pool. I was hoping to see even a tiny speed boost, but there was none. I...
  3. ZapDragon

    ZFS Copy a dataset, containing Several Datasets, with Snapshots.

    I have a single dataset that I am trying to move to a ZFS pool. The Dataset itself does not contain data, but more datasets. vault/root 1.62T 8.08T 336K vault/root/ds1 42.8G 8.08T 895M vault/root/ds2 6.65G 8.08T 272M vault/root/ds3 102M 8.08T 102M vault/root/ds4 12.9G...
  4. B

    ZFS zfs Snapshot of FileSystem Doesn't Contain Data of FileSystems Below It

    Question. I have a zpool called "zjail", with a zfs file system mounted on it at /zjail. Other file systems are created and mounted at /zjail/jail1 /zjail/jail2 etc. So zfs list -t all looks something like this: root@dom0:~ # zfs list -t all | grep zjail zjail 2.08G...
  5. M

    ZFS Snapshot rollback question

    Greetings all, let us say that a snapshot of a data-set has been created, e.g. zfs snapshot tank/data-set@today . The snapshot has then been transferred to a different server, e.g., /storage/backup/data-set@today. With zfs rollback storage/backup/data-set@today, the resulting mount-point will...
  6. T

    Solved using beadm to create and manage several boot environments

    I used beadm to create several boot environments as I configured my system. I configured my system using a set of shell scripts which includes installing packages, adding users, generating configuration files, configuring /boot/loader.conf, /etc/rc.conf, etc. What I want to do is to update my...
  7. erikw

    Shell znp: Wrap dangerous shell command in ZFS pre-post snapshots and log outputs

    EHLO, I just wanted to share a small but handy script with the community, as I think more people than me could find it useful! Use Case: You have some dangerous command which could alter your system in a bad way, e.g.: $ pkg upgrade $ portmaster -a $ some_cmd --force --overwrite...
  8. S

    ZFS Clarification on "filename path" limitation for ZFS snapshot mounts in 11.xR, until ino64 lands

    This question is related to the 63-or-88 char limit on mount paths as it affects ZFS snapshots, this 11.1R part-resolution in r319096, this issue + this. To recap as I understand it, up to 11.0R, file system actions that implicitly needed to mount ZFS snapshots were limited by statfs's fixed...
  9. DavidMarec

    ZFS send/recv via ssh hangs

    I was using the send/recv ZFS command to upload snaphots from a server to another via ssh. There were no issue while both were running 10.3-RELEASE. But, since I upgraded the receiver to 11-RELEASE, the process hangs while sending or receiving the 2nd set. First set, root@mySnap is well...