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  1. jarmo

    OpenSMTPD + DKIM filter

    Hello! I'm trying to migrate my server from Ubuntu Linux to FreeBSD. On Linux I was using Postfix with OpenDKIM to sign outgoing e-mails, but I'm interested to try OpenSMTPD on FreeBSD due to easier configuration syntax. Getting OpenSMTPD running with Dovecot was quite a breeze - I can receive...
  2. C

    Setup OpenSMTPD to relay periodic's output from root to e-mail

    Good evening, I am new to FreeBSD (running FreeBSD 13.1-RELEASE-p3) and have troubles with setting up OpenSMTPD to redirect the output of periodic to my e-mail adress. I have followed this blog post to get me started, but since it was written, the syntax of OpenSMTPDs configuration file...
  3. qsecofr

    Solved smtp: 535 - Authentication failed

    Hi, New physical server, 11.0-Release. Trying to set up mail/opensmtpd to replace older server with a working base sendmail and security/cyrus-sasl-saslauthd configuration. The goal being to require TLS-secured authentication on port 587 in order to relay. This is a small server with a few...