1. marcus123

    FreeBSD 11.3 mount network share

    I would like to mount network share folders (Synology NAS, and Windows 10) from my FreeBSD 11.3, is mount_smbfs the only way? but it seems mount_smbfs still only support SMBv1, any alternative way to mount them in SMBv2 / SMBv3? would installing samba4 on FreeBSD help? Thanks
  2. M

    SMBv1 Woes - FreeBSD

    Hi all, Long time user of FreeBSD here. I have been happily using the mount_smbfs binary and in my fstab to mount Windows Shares on boot to be used by various network services house on multiple FreeBSD systems. Sadly, it appears these connections all use SMBv1 NT1 security to perform the mount...