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    ZFS megaraid smartcl command error

    uname -a FreeBSD bsd 13.0-RC3 FreeBSD 13.0-RC3 #0 releng/13.0-n244696-8f731a397ad: Fri Mar 19 04:00:20 UTC 2021 amd64 My problem began with these console messages. Apr 6 05:41:26 bsd kernel: mfisyspd1: hard error...
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    Solved portmaster update of smartmontools fails on 10.4-RELEASE-p5

    This is not a burning issue, but should I report this somewhere, and if so, what's the most effective method, please? I was updating the ports on this box to fix the rsync vulnerability, and this is what I have left that I can't "fix": portmaster -L ... ===>>> smartmontools-6.6 ===>>> New...