1. Kova

    Shell sh prompt

    I can't seem to get my intended prompt whenever my shell is sh: PS1="^[[1;31m`pwd` #^[[0m " gives [1;31m/root #[0m and behaves like this: [1;31m/root #[0m cd /usr [1;31m/root #[0m pwd /usr [1;31m/root #[0m _ I am truly baffled. Even csh is more predictable on something similar. Especially...
  2. S

    sh doesn't read /root/.shrc when set as the default root shell

    I want to use the classic bourne shell (/bin/sh) but it doesn't read the /root/.shrc file. I have set a different default EDITOR, PS1, LSCOLORS, but none of those are read (also indicated by set). I have managed set the classic shell for the normal user of the system and the ~/.shrc file is...
  3. fred974

    set prompt in .shrc

    Hello, When I set the command prompt for my root user, I edit the .cshrc file and add set prompt = "%B%n%b@%B%m%b %B%~%b%# " For my admin user, I need to edit the .shrc but I cannot find a way get the prompt as I want it... Could anyone please help me convert my command to work in .shrc...
  4. A

    tab-autocompletion and .shrc

    How do i edit shrc (for the user ) to activate tab-autocompletion. I searched the web, no luck.