1. daBee

    nginx Passenger Shell Logins && Associated Errors

    Hi folks. I hope this is the proper place for this thread. I have an nginx/Passenger/Sinatra situation. I've sent over a website to my server, and nginx has no user set. I've been told NOT to run it as root, but that's been highly disputed and it's never a clear answer. So because of...
  2. clawhammer

    Solved learned about /etc/profile and ~/.profile files; what else?

    Can anyone recommend what other files like these I should read about that would help me understand whats going on in the console better? Using the bash shell. I'm a beginner. Thanks. EDIT:________________ Thanks for all the suggestions.
  3. n9010

    change the default shell for jexec

    Hi, I recently changed the default shell of one of my servers to zsh, since I'm lazy I used to type jexec <jailname> to jump inside a jail. After I switched to zsh, I get an error because zsh is not installed inside the jails. I know that I can use jexec <jailname> /bin/csh, but since I'm...