shell script

  1. jambock.84

    Shell The /bin/sh $LINENO value just after a nested function.

    Considering the following excerpt: 1 #!/bin/sh 2 3 check() 4 { 5 echo $1 - \ 6 $( 7 [ $2 -eq $3 ] \ 8 && echo OK \ 9 || echo FAIL "($2 != $3)" 10 ) 11 } 12 13 main() 14 { 15 check 2 $LINENO 3 16 17 inner() 18 { 19...
  2. S

    Shell output of command executed via script or shell alias differs from output when same command run directly in terminal

    I have tried two separate shells ( sh and tcsh ) to see if there is any change to this behaviour but there is no change. I have checked man pages of each command and shell to see if there is something that i have missed or misunderstood. I have also tried searching online, but so far i have been...
  3. K

    Detect DHCP Network Changes?

    I have a machine running FreeBSD 12.3 and I am looking for a way to monitor network changes through a shell script, specifically related to the network interfaces. Some examples of things that I would like to detect are: When a network interface changes status (e.g. from active to no carrier)...
  4. Keve

    Solved Script (pw) to change a user account password

    Recently I decided to extend the functionality of my home server, so I could change my FreeBSD password through the web interface I put together. A little research led me to the manual page of pw, and I found exactly what I needed. pw usermod -n johnsmith -h fd However, I have trouble...
  5. C

    Shell Shell Script in Jail: TAR doesn't quit

    I am having an issue backing up our moodle server. This is with FreeNAS11. For some reason it seems like the TAR never stops despite it finishing and creating an actual file. Or, for whatever reason, the Hard Drive is continually accessed at a rate of 20 to 30 MBs until I reset the jail with...