1. B

    Solved PGP Signed Checksum for FreeBSD Version 13.0, GPG Output: "Note: This key has expired!"

    Hi All, I download the PGP signed checksum for FreeBSD Version 13.0 from - I ran the command: gpg --keyid-format long --verify CHECKSUM.SHA256-FreeBSD-13.0-RELEASE-amd64.asc The output of the...
  2. ipizhenko

    Where to find sha256 utility source code

    FreeBSD provides set of utilities for computing SHA-2 hashes (sha256, sha512, etc). I want to find their source code. I don't need source code of the SHA-256 hash function itself, but I am looking for source code of the command-line utility, i.e. part which processes command-line options, input...
  3. I

    Check installed packages for checksum mismatches ("pkg check")

    The command "pkg check -s -a" verify the checksums against installed packages. I've tried both an Internet-connected VM and another Internet-disconnected VM and the command passes and completes without errors. 1. How does it verify the the packages? (Is it similar to "shasum -a 256 ..." and...