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  1. SoBe

    #!/bin/sh how to save a shell command output into a string variable

    Hello fellow freeBSD forum members, Can you please help Is there anyway to save the following into a variable? What I would like to do is check to see if this output is != null when true adjust some LEDS The following does not function as expected: #!/bin/sh str=`pfctl -vvss | grep ‘...
  2. W

    Script to shutdown remote system?

    Ultimately, I want to shutdown a freebsd box from my android (there are lots of android apps to run scripts). I do not want to be prompted for a password. One step at a time, first I just want to shut down the remote from another freebsd box. The following did not work: #!/bin/sh ssh -t...
  3. S

    sh doesn't read /root/.shrc when set as the default root shell

    I want to use the classic bourne shell (/bin/sh) but it doesn't read the /root/.shrc file. I have set a different default EDITOR, PS1, LSCOLORS, but none of those are read (also indicated by set). I have managed set the classic shell for the normal user of the system and the ~/.shrc file is...