1. grahamperrin

    sysutils/plasma5-systemsettings: appearance: application style: crash

    Keyword: GTK. Anyone else?
  2. HL1234

    Solved Some of my setting in .tcshrc break "make buildworld"?

    Hello I find out that some of my setting in .tcshrc disturb make buildworld so its crashed with an unspecific error message. In some logs I created with: date > _done.log make buildworld > buildworld.log && echo "done" >> _done.log && date >> _done.log & I see that in a very long command line of...
  3. V

    Solved Dovecot2-2.2.24 doesn't understand its configuration?

    Hi! I'm installing a new FreeBSD server. One of important servers is Dovecot and I build it via ports mail/dovecot2. Its current version is 2.2.24. The port installs /usr/local/etc/dovecot/example-config and I use those files as my new config base. The odd thing is that when I try to start...